The essence of love themselves and nature: WHITE LIGHT and BLACK LIGHT.

Bo. 19. 5. 2018

                                            The essence of love:
                                  WHITE LIGHT and BLACK LIGHT.

Catch the diversity set,
incomparable limit: the difference of singularities;
founded on the imperfect properties:
opposite, inverse and complementary,
it is distinct, equivalent and elementary.

It rises,  the spring of humanity ...
when the meeting takes place,
that mixes together,
white light, into- reverse, black light,
creates the infinite of colours variety of the atmosphere.

What appears simple and perfect,
between black and white, it's the 
grey  inept .
Becoming is the impenable:
of infinite variety of colors, beyond seeing;
the fascinating blindness of a single variety, inexistent.

Opaque and changing, infinite, weak and strong shades;
facing in silence the voices of the wise absorbed
Enlightened by reflection,they think, it can not happen;
that white-and-black light can establish identity;
of the infinite, intense and nuanced, colors of naturality.

What you see, it seems true,
in the eyes the heart doesn't yield,
from the mind that owns,
the unknown truth, false and sure,
that one, and not two, are the matrices of the nature.

The absolute principle of universal simultaneity,
binds existence and condition together,
of the human species and vegetation,
double and double, structure,
to know the fusion of oneself, with nature.

Nature repents, think of the skyscraper, the wises,
that vivon in the present of the relative absolutes.
The mass in the eyes appears, frangible and flexible,
  nothing leaves us to think, that the mass exists, only if it exists;
  between white and black light, the variable imperfect interaction.

Love of nature, love for the species;
indissoluble interweaving of simultaneity;
proportionate and distinct, varied and multifaceted,
one alone is all and nothing,  two is identical to one;

this is the debut, of the neutral human species, universal dual action.


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